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Musician, Guitar Instructor

Musical Background and Qualifications

    First, I would like to say that I feel a little bit funny about making too big a deal about qualifications and credentials. Many people looking for a guitar teacher are probably not interested in some "academic" type of teacher with a bunch of degrees tacked on to the end of their name. Most people probably just want to find someone who can, in an engaging and respectful manner, teach them to play guitar well. On the other hand, most prospective students also want to be assured that their teacher really knows their stuff, is a responsible professional, and is dedicated to their craft. With that in mind, I offer the following synopsis of my musical background and teaching qualifications for those who may be interested. Ultimately, I would suggest taking a trial lesson with a teacher before deciding if he/she is right for you.


  • First began playing the guitar in 1975, at which time I was mostly interested in rock music.
  • Played in a few local bands in my hometown.
  • Received generous support, ecouragement, and guidance from my High School music director, George "Ike" Bedell, for which I will always be grateful.
  • Became interested in progressive rock and jazz fusion.
  • Played in the prog rock/fusion band "AndyScandle" along with keyboardist Andrew Hildebrandt, an amazing musician who pushed me to be better.
  • Witnessed a friend of a friend playing classical guitar...I was blown away.
  • Went to the University of Vermont and became a music major, studying the classical guitar.
  • First met music theorist Michel Perrault, at a summer music camp.
  • Transferred to the University of Miami, where I majored in classical guitar and minored in jazz.
  • Received Bachelor of Music degree from University of Miami, where I studied with Juan Mercadal. Also received the University of Miami School of Music Award for Outstanding Musical Performance.
  • Did graduate studies at San Francisco Conservatory of Music, studied with David Tanenbaum, received Master of Music degree.
  • While still a grad student, began my private guitar teaching practice in the San Francisco Bay Area.  Also began doing classical guitar performance gigs at weddings, parties, receptions, etc., both solo, as well as with flautists and vocalists.
  • After grad school, I continued to do some classical gigs, and also did some substitute teaching at the collegiate level at the San Francisco Conservatory for classes such as Fretboard Harmony, Guitar Literature, Guitar Performance, Guitar Ensemble, and private instruction.
  • Became more interested in returning to my "roots." Began playing more steel-string acoustic, doing a lot of songwriting and singing, started to build up my personal recording "studio."
  • Reconnected with the brilliant music theorist Michel Perrault of Montreal, Canada who turned me on to what later became known as the MusicNovatory theory of music (or GTheory as I know all it). This was a definitive turning point in my approach to music.
  • Played in a local Bay Area trio (I played electric guitar and did backing vocals, my band mates were acoustic guitar/lead vocals and percussion.
  • Continued studies of the MusicNovatory theory of music and worked along with Mr. Perrault and others to begin to bring this extraordinary knowledge to the musical community. In Spring of 2000 I did a three-part series of presentations as a guest lecturer in a music class at the San Francisco Conservatory.
  • Maintained a private guitar instruction practice in San Francisco from 1987-2002.
  • Founded, owned and directed the Sunset Academy of Music in San Francisco, 2002-2007, serving students of guitar, piano, flute, violin, and voice.
  • Relocated to South Burlington, Vermont, where I grew up. Began accepting private students in Chittenden County.
  • Rekindled my passion for classical guitar, and began concentrating on that in my own personal practice, while still teaching other styles. 
  • Have maintained a private guitar instruction practice in Vermont since 2007.
  • In 2013, teamed up with flautist Barb Boutsikaris to form the Alouette Duo.
  • 2015 - reconnected with Andrew Hildebrandt, keyboardist for my old band, to re-record some of the original tunes we did back in the day (well, at least that was the plan).
  • 2020 - Presented the first live online GTheory Course, "GTheory Foundations+"
  • 2021 - Presented a second GTheory course, "GTheory: Musicianship from the Ground Up."
  • 2023 - Working on a book about Generative Music Theory (but thinking I might want to spend more time in my vegetable garden : )).