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Gregg Jordan Music

Guitar instruction for all levels, ages and styles, from an experienced, patient, supportive, highly qualified teacher.   
GTheory - Generative Theory of Music - for composers, songwriters, Jazz musicians, music students, or anyone who wants a deeper understanding of "what makes music tick."
Live music for your wedding or other special occasion.

Guitar lesson Gift Certificates now available!

Guitar Lessons in South Burlington, Vermont, VT


There's music in you!  With guitar lessons individually tailored to meet your needs and goals, you can develop your innate musical potential, regardless of your age or previous experience.  All levels, ages and styles are welcomed and appreciated.


GTheory is a Generative and Relational Theory of Music that is more logical, consistent, and coherent than conventional mainstream music theory.  Understanding it will give you a deeper understanding, and greater command, of the musical language.

Gregg Jordan performs Live Wedding Music


Gregg Jordan is available to perform at weddings, parties, art exhibits, dining establishments, or any occasion where classical guitar music would lend just the right touch.


  • “...Within only a few short weeks, Gregg has introduced bit by bit such a thorough progressive amount of material that it is a wonder to me how much my son has learned...”   READ MORE

    Kit Olson
    Parent of age 11 student
  • “...I have always wanted to learn how to play guitar and having Gregg as my teacher has only increased my love of this instrument.  Gregg makes the work of learning enjoyable so I can quickly learn songs and improve my level each lesson...”   READ MORE

    Diane Ravenscroft
    Adult Student
  • “My music lessons have given me the chance to get...into something that truly makes me happy. The music that I have learned to play has opened up a whole new world for me and is something that I will have forever.”   READ MORE

    Jesse Larson
    Student, age 17
  • “...Each hour with Gregg helps me to bring different sounds out of my guitar. Each lesson motivates me to improve and expand my playing, providing me with enjoyment. Exactly what I am looking for in an instructor. Thanks Gregg.”   READ MORE

    Adult Student, Age 60+
  • “Gregg Jordan is a quiet and understanding person...In my opinion he is the best guitar teacher you will ever get."    READ MORE

    Erik Olson
    Student, Age 11
  • “I really found your instruction informative and I was able to play many impromptu solos right after your class, and I had never felt comfortable playing that way before your instruction. So I wanted to say thanks again.”

    Larry Rice
    Adult Student