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Guitar Instruction


  • “Gregg Jordan is an exceptionally talented individual whose proficiency in guitar is matched only by his many interpersonal qualities. His unfailing patience, sense of fun, directness, calm demeanor and high standards guides the lesson while also allowing for student participation in reaching musical goals. Gregg is genuine, honest and we are lucky to have him in Vermont. He is truly a skilled guitar teacher whose love of guitar and high level of proficiency translates for me into the desire to practice to improve my own level of proficiency. I have a long way to go but find myself enjoying the process more than I expected. I have always wanted to learn how to play guitar and having Gregg as my teacher has only increased my love of this instrument. Gregg makes the work of learning enjoyable so I can quickly learn songs and improve my level each lesson, as I practice and find music I can play well. He tailors the lesson to my individual and musical interests and abilities which makes an ideal learning environment for me. Gregg teaches me and my 10 year-old son (separately) and yet he easily shifts from speaking on a level my son can understand to explaining my errors and improvements in a way that affirms my strengths while asking more of me each week. Thank you, Gregg!”

    Diane Ravenscroft
    Adult Student & Parent of Age 10 Student
  • “My 11 year old son felt a bit nervous as the youngest member of one of Gregg's group guitar classes and the only one without previous guitar experience. Within only a few short weeks, Gregg has introduced bit by bit such a thorough progressive amount of material that it is a wonder to me how much my son has learned. Topics he has studied have included music theory, note reading, rhythm, popular songs, strumming/picking patterns, rounds, lead guitar, and ensemble group pieces. Gregg has masterfully directed assignments that met each of the student's individual ability levels moving them each forward at their own pace. Due to Gregg's patient, supportive teaching style my son is no longer insecure about participating in this group environment. He enjoys playing the guitar and our home is full of music as he practices his interesting variety of lesson topics. We both have the highest regard for Gregg and highly recommend him to any beginning or advanced guitar student as Gregg himself is an accomplished guitarist who can expertly teach students of all ability levels. ”

    Kit Olson
    Homeschooling mother
    Parent of Age 11 Student
  • "I have always been drawn to the beautiful sound of acoustic guitar. It never occurred to me to learn to play the guitar and create this music myself. Until I was 60 years old. At first I tried to teach myself using a canned online program. This worked for a while, and then stalled out. I found Gregg Jordan and began taking lessons a year ago. Gregg was the perfect match for the way I like to learn. Just enough structure, without restricting my experience with a variety of music styles. Each hour with Gregg helps me to bring different sounds out of my guitar. Each lesson motivates me to improve and expand my playing, providing me with enjoyment. Exactly what I am looking for in an instructor. Thanks Gregg."

    Adult Student, Age 60+
  • "I took guitar lessons with two other fellows in a group setting with Gregg. It was a relaxed atmosphere and the main topic was learning how to play leads [this was a Guitar Improv Class]. Gregg encouraged us to bring songs we liked and he would work with us on scales that pertained to that song. I found his teaching to be very helpful and I appreciated his casual attitude and willingness to help all three of us in our own distinct styles."

    Tom Grocki
    Adult Student
  • “Gregg Jordan is a quiet and understanding person, he will not get mad at you if you make a mistake. He does not just focus on one thing. He will do note reading, some Blues and some songs. He usually lets you pick your favorite song. When he teaches something he makes a lot of sense, it is not just a bunch of words. He also is extremely talented at Guitar. That helps so he can show you how to do it. If you do not know how to do something he will go over some steps that he taught you so you can find out how to do it. In my opinion he is the best Guitar teacher you will ever get.”

    Erik Olson
    Student, Age 11
  • “My music lessons have given me the chance to get away from the text books and into something that truly makes me happy. It is a place were I can express myself not through empty words but through heartfelt notes. The music that I have learned to play has opened up a whole new world for me and is something that I will have forever.  Three years with an extraordinary teacher/friend.”

    Jesse Larsen
    Student, Age 17
  • “Gregg is a wonderful teacher in many ways, especially his laid back style of letting you learn what YOU want to learn.”

    Corey Hart
    Student, Age 14
  • “I really found your instruction informative and I was able to play many impromptu solos right after your class, and I had never felt comfortable playing that way before your instruction. So I wanted to say thanks again.”

    Larry Rice
    Adult Student
  • “Thanks so much for helping Sophie with her Guitar studies. Sophie has been enthusiastic and attentive. Without your calm and understanding guidance I'm sure she would have given up early on. Now her skills are keen and under control. She knows how to learn and loves to play. Thanks again.”

    Eric Safire
    Parent of Age 10 Student